Venus Williams

Top 10 Greatest Hits of 2012 – Number 8

Top 10 Greatest Hits of 2012

Number 8: The EleVen by Venus Fashion Show at Fashion Week (September 12, 2013)

Showing my line of clothes at Fashion Week in New York cannot even be called a dream come true, because I never dreamt that it would happen. My dreams usually involve a tennis court, and while I have some definite goals for what I want to accomplish in fashion, debuting my clothes at such a prestigious event never crossed my mind. It is one of a number of amazing things that has happened in my life that I never expected.

It had been a crazy few weeks leading up to the fashion show. I had just come off the U.S. Open and barely had time to concentrate on the event when I realized it was just days away. I began to get a little nervous. The nerves would come and go until the day of the show. I’d get nervous, then I’d get calm, then nervous again. It was a constant up-and-down. A reporter asked why I was nervous since I was used to performing on a much bigger stage. Yes, this was a smaller stage but it was so different. And it was new! I’ve proven myself in tennis. Here, I was the new kid.

The best thing we did when planning the show was choosing to have athletes wear my clothes instead of models. We hired gymnasts, dancers, boxers, and yoga people and we had them move. They hit tennis balls, danced, punched, and posed. Two of my tag lines are, “Look Good, Play Well” and “Moving in Style.” That’s what it was all about. You couldn’t help but feel like you were involved. It was fun and I think people were impressed and surprised because they were used to seeing the same thing every day.

When the show was over, we waited to hear the opinions and reviews. I just hoped that people wouldn’t be too harsh, that they’d understand what the clothes are supposed to be. These are clothes to move in, items you can throw on easily if you’re going to the mall or the gym. They are meant to move with you and make you feel good.

In the end, people loved the show and loved our concept. It was a great feeling when all the positive reviews began to roll in. It was a wonderful part of this journey.