Venus Williams

The Australian Open So Far

Australia continues to be good to me. I’m 5-0 since coming Down Under for the Hopman Cup and the Australian Open. So far, the Open has been a great experience. I love the Majors and this tournament is always so exciting because after the off-season and all of the training I just want to play some matches! The hours and hours of training get a little tough after awhile so the matches feel so rewarding.

My first match of the tournament was also the first match of the day, which is always tough in Australia because the sun is right in your eyes. You’d think I’d be used to that after 13 years, but no. I was able to play aggressively, though, and get my serves in. Best of all, the match only lasted one hour. That is a blessing in a tournament that is two weeks long.

The second round went well, too. I don’t think I was hitting as many winners as the first round, but at the end I felt like I was in control. That is the key. For me, success is when I go out on the court and execute my game. That is when I feel successful, when I feel I have done something.

Next, I meet Maria Sharapova who is ranked No. 2 in the world right now. She has been destroying everyone she has played here. No one has even won a game against Maria so far in this tournament. I’m not intimidated, though. I’ll have to bring my best game against her, and find a way to win under any circumstances. For me, it is about staying positive and focusing on the things I can accomplish. And rushing the net helps too.