Venus Williams

Tennis Tips

Number 1: Work on your toss

It’s no secret that my serve is one of my best weapons. During my career, I have scored a ton of points on first serves. A lot of people think that the speed and power I am able to generate is because I am tall and strong, but the fact is, mechanics plays a huge part. And when it comes to properly executing a serve, everything begins with the toss.

On a first serve you want your toss out in front of you and a little bit to the right. This will allow you to rotate around and really put some torque on the ball. If you can get your toss to be in the same place every time, you’ll have the best chance of getting more balls in the court on a first serve.

Think about twisting up a rubber band. When you let it go it snaps back into its original shape. That’s how you want your serve to be, a wave of force that begins in the legs, travels through your core, and explodes out of your serving arm. If the toss drifts over your head or behind you, you wont be able to unleash that power.

Now on a second toss, you want the ball to be more overhead, almost directly overhead in fact, and a little behind you. That’s when you want to hit your kick serve.

We’ll talk about that soon.

Venus Advice: If you are serious about improving your serve, make a commitment to practice it for 30 minutes a day. If you have someone who can stand to the side or behind you and tell you if your toss is too far to the left or right or front or back, all the better.