Venus Williams

Jamba Juice

Hydrate. Play. Recover. Repeat.

This is what the life of a pro tennis player is like. A grueling schedule of compeititon and travel is hard on a body, which can easily break down if it isn’t nourished with the best ingredients at the right times. And when you are as serious as Venus Williams about what you put into your body [**link to Recipes Intro**], you can’t pull over at the Golden Arches. That’s why Venus loves Jamba Juice. The ability to get tasty food that is fresh, healthy and fast — food that hydrates her cells and replenishes her energy — is priceless.

There is more to Jamba Juice that Venus loves than their delicious smoothies. In 2011 the food company and the athlete helped launch the “Team Up for a Healthy America” campaign, which is dedicated to combating obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles in children and adults.

Now in the middle of the second year of Team Up, the partnership has already spread the message to millions of children and donated thousands of dollars in athletics equipment to needy schools.

The amazing athletic career of Venus can be attributed to the discipline she has shown her physical training. Since she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder Sjögrens syndrome [**link to Sjogrins**],,Venus has experienced firsthand how the power of healthy food can radically improve the quality of life. Venus is now devoted to sharing these two life lessons, so that she can inspire and motivate kids to lead the kind of healthy lives that will allow them to accomplish great things.

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