Venus Williams

On to the 3rd round of Olympics

My Olympic Dreams are one step closer to reality! After sitting through a rain delay for almost a whole day on Sunday, I finally got onto the court. I was ready!

Even though my opponent, Sara Errani is ranked in the top ten in the world, I felt confident. The grass at Wimbledon has almost always been good to me. I had a tough day here a few weeks ago, but that wasn’t in my head at all. The courts at Wimbledon are my courts.

My serve was on. It felt strong in the first set and continued to feel better and better. When the crowd started chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” I knew I was going to take it. That is what I came here for.

This is my fourth Olympics, but in some ways I feel like I am experiencing it for the first time. Maybe I’ve gained some wisdom as I’ve grown older, because I feel like I am able to appreciate this so much more than when I competed in the previous Games. Representing the USA, meeting athletes from all over the world, and seeing heroes of mine like Muhammad Ali is just incredible. The Olympics never get old, they just get better.

Later that same day, Serena and I had our first doubles match. We won the gold medal together in Beijing, so I feel like we have a target on our backs in this competition. I’d love to win another medal with Serena, but honestly, we don’t really think about winning the medals for ourselves. The most important thing is bringing home medals for the U.S.

Tuesday was another good day. I felt like myself out there. I charged the net constantly and it paid off. After winning the match I ran to the crowd and was able to swap some Olympic pins with other athletes. I’m such a geek. But the Olympics are a part of my heart. I love this stuff.