Venus Williams

My Favs


I am a total clothes junkie. I go through phases where I like to shop and other times when I won’t buy anything for a month. When I was diagnosed with Sjögrens Syndrome [link] in 2011, I had this period of adjustment when I shopped a lot. At least I blamed it on the Sjögrens!
This is how I shop: Places like Barneys or Saks will have like a super-designer area with all this expensive stuff, and then they have a middle area, and then they have a lower area. At Barneys the lower area is called “The Co-Op.” That is where I hang out. The other areas are annoying. The prices are outrageous, and a lot of it isn’t even functional. Also, I don’t like trends. I wont wear them. I have to be on my own path. Even though I am picky about what I buy, I am still a fan of designers. Here are some of my favorites.

Ralph Lauren: You just can’t go wrong with this guy. His stuff is classic and you can wear it forever. I love classic design but I also like to have fun doing something funky. Ralph Lauren is like that too.

Armani: Just like Ralph Lauren, Armani also combines classic style with some creative flair. He makes iconic, quality clothes that you just can’t help but look good in. Incidentally, I don’t actually own any Armani, although I do have some Emporio Armani.

Matthew Williamson When I want to channel my inner Beyonce, I wear something by Matthew Williamson. He has awesome prints and he is just such a cool guy.

Dolce & Gabbana: They also do amazing things with prints, and their clothes are sexy without being trashy.