Venus Williams

My Favs


Some cities speak to my heart more than others. For instance, I have a house in L.A. but I don’t really go out when I am there. But other places have something – some kind of energy – that makes me want to explore them.

Palm Beach Gardens: My favorite city is definitely my hometown of Palm Beach Gardens. For one, I love the heat. Secondly, it has the best places to not be in a VIP area. I am into total dives and there are a lot of great down-to-earth places in Palm Beach. I love my local scene, I love my local people, and they love me.

Rome: I love Rome. To me, Rome feels like a city where anything is possible. The sun shines and you just feel great. If I could live anywhere in Europe, I’d live in Rome or Milan.

Hong Kong: I don’t know why I like Hong Kong so much. I guess it has good energy. I have only ever been when it is cold, and I hate playing in freezing weather. (To me, 50 degrees is freezing.) But I still love Hong Kong.

Paris: TK