Venus Williams

My Favs


Growing up, I never watched a lot of sports outside of tennis. I still don’t. So there aren’t many athletes from whom I idolized. I like anybody with a hot body, though! (That’s mostly a joke.)

Boris Becker: He was my favorite player when I was growing up. I even had this habit of serving like him, when I was in the Juniors, moving my hips back and forth. It was kind of annoying.

Monica Seles: I always really liked her. She had this aggressive, attacking game that I could relate to.

Serena Williams: duh …

Roger and Rafael: Of course I like them. Who doesn’t?

Gaels Monfil: He is amazing. I hope he will win a Major one day. We will see.

Bernard Tomic: I like this kid. He has a weird, interesting game.