Venus Williams

Harold Reginald Williams

Nickname: “Sonny”

Title: The Love of Venus’ Life

The youngest and most spoiled member of Team Venus is Harold, a five-year old gray Havanese. Venus found Harold at a pet store in New York City. With a heart that hadn’t mended since she lost her last pet five years earlier, Venus was not looking for love. But Harold recognized something special in her. He planted so many kisses on Venus that she called Serena to ask for some love advice.
“I love him already!” said Serena. “Get him!”
Harold has plenty of four-legged company in the Williams family. Serena has two dogs, Jackie and Laura, and Venus’s sister Isha has a Havanese as well. But Venus admits that she and Harold have a co-dependent relationship. She is very protective of him, and must know where he is at all times. The only place she doesn’t take him is the gym or church. Harold has everything he wants. His only job is to go poo-poo outdoors, which he does most of the time.