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Hi, I’m Venus, but I guess you already know that if you are on this site. First and foremost people know me as a tennis player. I love the game, its done so much for me, and through the game, I’ve been able to do a lot for others, which surpassed my original dreams to be a tennis champion! I’ve won a few tournament along the way, and I’ve lost a few as well. Whether it was a win or a loss, I’m proud of my efforts, I’ve always given it my all. The amazing part is that over 20 years of playing this sport professionally, I still get to play at a championship level. How lucky is that?

Some of the best moments of my professional career have been being 50% of the most awesome sister act to hit the planet, being a part of attaining equal prize money for women at the Grand Slams, and being an Olympic participant for over five Olympic games….and counting!

Life isn’t just tennis, I love design. I’m kind of a type A workaholic with a creative streak and a love for numbers, making me the perfect design entrepreneur. Being the nerd that I am, I spent  many years in school studying fashion design, interior design and business. They even gave me a degree at the end of studying! Most people don’t know this but  I have 2 babies, my companies V Starr Interiors and EleVen by Venus. I am constantly with them, attending to them, caring for them and growing them. Its a labor of love, and I love it!

Outside of the court and the office you can find me staying up late at night, dancing, hanging with my dog and sidekick Harold, eating candy or avoiding eating candy, studying a language and spending time with my family. I also spend my free time to work, brainstorm, research and learn about things, I cant help it!

This website is here for you, I’ve put a big piece of myself in it. Please enjoy!